60’s Spider-Man and Hippies

In my hometown there are renovations being done on the street down from where I work and live. The power company dug up the sidewalk at the corner of Cherry and Second and uncovered a basement that most likely hasn’t seen the light of day in 45 years or more. Strangely enough there is a Spider-Man tacked on the wall that has been there longer than I’ve been around and I’m 44. The second pic with the peace messages is also like uncovering history as well, which I find fascinating what could have been going on down there.

*Side note: Just a little further down the sidewalk on Cherry St. there is a marker in the shape of a propeller. Back in the early days of flight right after WWI I believe, during an airshow a plane crash there and went through the sidewalk and those were built of brick.

(via arosetintedlook)